Webinar on ‘November Birthstones Topaz & Citrine’

Mumbai: GIA India organised the Knowledge Webinar ‘November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine’ for members of the gem and jewellery trade across India. More than 60 participants attended this webinar to learn important information about the two birthstones for November.

GIA India Instructor Vijay Parmar shared insights on the sources, history and quality factors of topaz and citrine. The webinar also presented information about laboratory-grown gems and simulants, along with a few care and cleaning tips.

“Thinking about GIA is a euphoria and it is always a matter of immense pride to be a part of GIA India’s initiatives for the past several years,” said K. M. Lokesh, Director, Susheel Jewellery Mart Pvt. Ltd. “GIA India’s knowledge webinars are very interesting as they impart abundant knowledge on the topic to enhance our skills and help advance our businesses.”

“Since the lockdown, GIA India team has been working tirelessly to bring knowledge webinars on engaging topics to the trade members in India,” said Manoj Singhania, Director – Education, GIA India. “I’m grateful to the attendees who were part of the webinar and look forward to their continued support.”

“In a time when webinar fatigue is setting in, learning about birthstones provides a fun, popular and colourful introduction to the world of gemstones. Informative webinars such as these organised by GIA India are a part of the Institute’s mission to ensure public trust in gems and jewellery,” said Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director of GIA India. “This knowledge webinar on November birthstones offers the trade members fun facts and insights about these gemstones, which will help them buy and sell with confidence.”