Mujeres Brillantes- The Present & Future of Jewellery Ind.

June 23, 2016, was date when a group of women determined to revolutionize the world of jewellery and watchmaking decided to create an unprecedented organization, Mujeres Brillantes. Under the ambition of empowering women in that industry, Mujeres Brillantes began its journey with the unification of goldsmiths and jewellers during the First Meeting in Panama City, Panama under my leadership which makes me feel very honored to lead these incredible women.

Since then many goals were accomplished, but in my humble opinion get to change the mentality and the resilience was our best accomplished. Maybe my biggest challenge in the beginning was explain to the women that we shouldn’t accept or allow the way how the industry was treating the women.

I understood such resistance in the beginning, they did not know exactly their rights and when a person is so used with a system or a model, it´s complicated ask to forget it and change immediately. Fortunately, one year later, after such beautiful celebration of the First Anniversary of Mujeres Brillantes in different countries around the world, we see that the pride back in many women who are starting to feel again as part of the industry.

The loneless became enthusiasm and hope.

Among the main achievements of the organization Mujeres Brillantes are the creation of the website which has aided the informative reach of Brilliant Women to be transcontinental. In addition, Mubri has a YouTube channel that already have more that 17.000 visitors where members of the organization publish and share interviews, telling each of their stories and how they became jewelers, their trends, techniques, and sources of inspiration.

Recently, we launched our Newsletter where it was distributed worldwide in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the newsletter is 100% made by females from different countries and consequently different cultures, who work in a perfectly synchronization for the same benefit instead of individual benefit.

One of our concerns, and we try always to improve, is the way how we communicate to the world, we try to be dynamic in the way how we interact to each other and the way how we interact with our audience. For this we often use tools such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype and Instagram to keep our debates more interesting and attractive, especially for the young audience that surprisingly follow all our initiatives.

The growth and organization mechanisms of Mujeres Brillantes are indisputable. The numbers and growth speaks itself, deny it is the same that do not see that the time change.

A good example is the invitation that Italian Exhibit Group and Fiera di Vicenza made this year to host the International Meeting of Mujeres Brillantes on September 24th at 11 a.m. during the VicenzaOro. This demonstrates the power of the incredible women in our group and how the industry is willing to support us, how people in the industry already understood that exclude women won´t be more acceptable.

I want to take this opportunity to invite the Indian women jewellers to join us in this special day in Vicenza where we will discuss and debate the next step of our group to continue to help women to develop and advance professionally. I do believe that have Indian representative in our International Meeting will be very important.

More initiatives are in progress in different countries, since alliances with big Organizations in Latin America and Europe until pop-up stores to introduce Mujeres Brillantes’s jewellery with the intention to be a door for many women who wants to explore business possibilities worldwide.

It has not been a long period of time, but without a doubt, Mujeres Brillantes and its members will transcend any expectations and will make this group one of the most relevant and prestigious in the jewellery industry. This is only the beginning and nothing will stop us because more that ever we are determined to change the concept and mind.

Happy Anniversary Mujeres Brillantes!

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Posted by Ali Pastorini
The author is President of ‘Mujeres Brillantes’