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Changing Expectations: Diamond Traceability

In a world of fleeting connections and disposable luxury, diamonds must stand for enduring value that is grounded in confidence. Confidence that a diamond has been responsibly sourced, confidence in its value and confidence that it is the real thing. But expectations about the meaning

Laying the Foundations for Gender Equality

By Katie Fergusson: As Head of Social Impact, I feel privileged to be leading De Beers Group’s work on women and girls empowerment, including on diversity and inclusion. I did my masters in Gender and Development and, having worked within the extractive sector for my entire

Key to Confidence in The Diamond Sector

They say that confidence is the key to success, and that preparation is the key to confidence. And from my years as President of De Beers Group’s International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), I can safely say that this is certainly true of

A Ship to Make Me and My Country Proud

(By Thomas Kosmas): As a young Namibian living in Windhoek, my passion always differed to that of my friends. I travelled for the first time to the coast in my last year of high school (matric) and, while my friends were content to splash about

Mujeres Brillantes- The Present & Future of Jewellery Ind.

June 23, 2016, was date when a group of women determined to revolutionize the world of jewellery and watchmaking decided to create an unprecedented organization, Mujeres Brillantes. Under the ambition of empowering women in that industry, Mujeres Brillantes began its journey with the unification of


The very nature of innovation is that it involves a step into the unknown. When De Beers Auction Sales first pioneered online rough diamond auctions, we didn’t know whether they would prove to be popular in the long term. In fact, there were many who

Mujeres Brillantes Inspires Women to Be Better Professionals

Ms. Ali Pastorini, Senior Vice President of the Panama Diamond Exchange (PDE), was unanimously elected in October 2016 by the group to serve as first president of Mujeres Brillantes, The association tries to help women in the jewellery and watch industries to advance and develop

Rural India is More Open to Monetization of Gold

Ahmedabad: In two studies conducted exhaustively among stakeholders by India Gold Policy Centre (IGPC) under Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, the relevance of gold and need for its monetization remains as strong as ever. The two studies are part of a series of studies being

2016: The Year of Ups & Downs for G&J Industry

India’s Gem & Jewellery industry went through troubled times during 2016, especially after the Government withdrew currency notes of INR 500 and 1000 from circulation in first week of November. Already experiencing effects of down-turn in the global economy, the industry got another jolt of

Demonetization will Prove to be a Boon: Vijay Jain

Mumbai: The Platinum Guild International (PGI) has predicted that Indian demand for platinum jewellery would grow by double digits in 2017 and Japanese consumption will stay strong. “In 2017, we’re expecting significant double-digit growth in India and reasonable growth in Japan. While gold is a