India is a Global Power: Ali Pastorini

Panama: Marketing Director of the Panama based World Jewellery Hub (WJH) and owner of the much acclaimed jewellery brand Del Lima Ms. Ali Pastorini says, “I do not think there is any question that India is a global power today, sharing a status held by just a handful of countries, such as Italy, the United States, China and Thailand, each in its own way.”

In an exclusive interview given to G2J, she said, “India’s strength is derived from its very large and skilled workforce, and increasingly from its internal market, which is a luxury enjoyed most probably only by China and the United States.”

“But, can India, like Italy, create a look that international appeal, almost irrespective of the country in which it is sold? That takes more time, but as we have learned, the Indians are particularly skillful when it comes to adapting.”

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