Gem-A Conference in Nov 2015

London: The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) has announced the programme of speakers for its upcoming annual international gemmological Conference 2015 incorporating the Federation of European Education in Gemmology’s (FEEG) International Symposium of Gemmology, taking place from 21–22 November at RIBA Venues, 66 Portland Place, in Marylebone, London.

Following the success of its Conference 2014, Gem-A has once again confirmed a raft of international gemmology experts tackling some of the most topical and contemporary gem related subjects — and promises to introduce attendees to the most current gemmological discussions, led by world experts in the field.

The programme currently includes names such as: Bill Larson, Jean Pierre Chalain, Ilario Adamo, Adolf Peretti, Paul Rustemeyer, Jorg Gellner, Andrew Cody, Grant Hamid, Martin Steinbach, Fabian Schmitz and Shane McClure — who will discuss topics ranging from gemstones and gem mining in San Diego County California, colour zones in tourmaline crystals, to the identification and provenance of demantoid garnet and natural and synthetic quartz.

For those who haven’t attended the Conference in previous years, it presents an ideal opportunity to get an introduction to some of the most up-to-date research in the industry, in a fun and friendly atmosphere, without having any previous knowledge or experience in studying gems.

Lucy Reece-Raybould, Membership Services Manager for CMJ, who attended the conference for the first time in 2014, said: “As a layman and first timer to the Gem-A Conference, I was really inspired by the eclectic mix of speakers. I was truly surprised by how much I learned, how engaging the genetic origin of oysters could be and how much remarkable history there is behind the amazing jewellery we produce and sell in the industry. I would totally recommend the conference to anyone and everyone working in the jewellery industry — you will come away with lots of great information to share with your customers, whether they are retailers or consumers.”

Similarly, editor of UK trade publication, Professional Jeweller, Sarah Louise-Jordan, reflected positively on her first Gem-A Conference, saying: “The year 2014 marked my first visit to a Gem-A conference and I left feeling inspired, informed and certainly more knowledgeable about the gemstone state-of-affairs, both at home and abroad. All of the speakers were eloquent and offered real, valuable insights that members of Gem-A and the press could find useful in equal measure. As a guest, I also appreciated the timely and succinct schedule and the refreshments which kept us all going throughout the day. I will certainly be attending the event this year, as I believe the Gem-A Conference showcases all the very best qualities of the organization and its abilities to educate the wider trade.”

Gem-A will be releasing a full timetabled programme of events in the coming weeks. For more information on what’s happening and when, download a copy of the Gem-A Conference Leaflet or visit the Gem-A Conference pages on the Gem-A website.