4th Israel Diamond Week in New York from 19th Oct

IsdeRamat Gan: For the fourth time since the two bourses began cooperating, the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and the Diamond Dealers Club of New York (DDC) will be holding an Israel Diamond Week in New York. The upcoming edition of the event is scheduled for the week of October 19-22, 2015, and will be held on the trading floor of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, at 580 Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said that following the positive business results of the recently held International Diamond Week in Israel, he has high expectations of the event in October. “About a 100 of our bourse members will be making their way to Manhattan to take part in this diamond marketing event at the DDC, and we will be working with our American colleagues, putting the right goods into their hands toward the upcoming holiday sales season in the United States. We have what the American market likes to buy. And I am sure that our members will create win-win business scenarios with their American counterparts.”

DDC President Reuven Kaufman said that since the joint initiative came about four years ago, business ties between IDE and DDC members have improved tremendously. “While the synergy between Israel’s and New York’s diamond trade is a given, there is always room for further business development and higher business volumes. Expectations are that the retail jewelers will see increased business in the upcoming holiday season. We need to be prepared to provide the merchandise, and I am sure that our strength will be in the numbers.”

IDE President Schnitzer concurred: “Of course, being an optimist, I remain confident that the market will pick up. This position is strengthened by a recent survey that was conducted among middle class women in the United States. They were asked what prestigious gift they would like to receive the most, and they overwhelmingly replied ‘diamonds'” he stated.