Women's Group of WJH with Special Task

Ali Pastorini

Panama: A group of female jewelers, who first joined together during the women’s empowerment session at the Second LATAM Jewelry and Diamond Week at the World Jewelry Hub (WJH) in June, has launched a grass-roots initiative that is designed to communicate their gender’s particular perspective on the way jewelry and gemstones should be marketed.

Calling themselves “Mujeres Brillantes” (“Brilliant Women” in Spanish), the women hail predominantly from Latin America, but also count among themselves members from Turkey, Russia, Italy, Romania and Israel.

“The discussion that began during the empowerment session revealed that we share similar opinions about the way in which jewelry is marketed, and the general feeling was that the dominant approach today is not succeeding in exciting our consumer base, which predominantly is made up of women” explained Ali Pastorini, WJH Senior Vice President. “Consumers should consider an item of fine jewelry as the ultimate expression of value, uniqueness and creativity, but right now they are more likely to be inspired by an iPhone or designer shoes. This means that we in the industry should be doing a better job.”

“Our general feeling was that is industry is focusing too closely on the business of selling jewelry, and not on the experience of buying or receiving an item of jewelry. As women we instinctively understand that the act should be a special and intimate moment that transcends the mechanics of a commercial transaction. The experience should be unique and meaningful, just like the item of jewelry,” Ms. Pastorini said.

The renewed emphasis on the consumer and the consumer’s experience is underscored by the name selected for the new marketing initiative, “My Jewels, My Story,” which was proposed by Victoria Kupfer, a jeweler from Panama.

“Our primary intention is not to formulate a specific campaign, but rather to emphasize a marketing approach, which we believe will be more successfully received and appreciated by female consumers,” Ms. Pastorini said.

The dialogue that began in June is continuing in the social media, with “Mujeres Brillantes” groups operating on Facebook and Whatsapp. For women interested in joining the discussion, contact Ali Pastorini at email: ali.pastorini@wjhub.com.