WFDB Hosts Young Diamantaires Inaugural Meeting

Antwerp: The World Federation of Diamond Bourses’ (WFDB) Young Diamantaires group held its inaugural meeting in Hong Kong during the Jewellery and Gems Fair on September 15. The initiative was launched just four months ago at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai, with strong and widespread interest among young diamond industry members from across the globe joining in the group’s social media discussions on how to take the industry forward.

“I knew there was enormous interest and enthusiasm, but even I was surprised by the number of people who attended,” said WFDB Promotion Committee Chairman Rami Baron. “I am delighted to report that it exceeded expectations. We were able to discuss a wide range of issues, including the ambitions of the group and the future of the diamond trade. The meeting was also broadcast on the Internet, with scores of people around the world listening in.

“The highlight of the evening was the networking by those people who would rarely have the chance to meet specifically other young diamond people from all over the world,” Baron explained. “There were so many conversations where people could see that everyone faced similar issues as themselves. Added to that, the meetings created new connections leading many of the attendees to visit booths at the show that they otherwise would not have done,” Baron added.

The forward-looking project came out of discussions held by the WFDB’s Promotion Committee with the aim of promoting ongoing communications between younger diamond industry members and reaching out to new members of the Federation’s 30 affiliated diamond bourses across the globe, while also raising the profile of the WFDB.

The group of younger members of diamond firms, bourses and organizations from the main diamond centres will communicate on a regular basis.

WFDB President Ernie Blom, who welcomed the members of the group at their first international gathering, said: “It’s not just the numbers of people that are taking part that impressed me, but also the enthusiasm that they bring to this initiative. Clearly, we have struck a rich vein of interest. This is an exciting initiative because we see the younger generation bringing ideas and proposals about how the industry should change and adapt. But they are also keen to share their ideas and cooperate for the greater good of the whole industry so that everyone benefits, and that fills me with enormous optimism,” he added.

Young diamantaires interested in becoming part of this new venture can contact Rami Baron via the WFDB at: