Surat Jail Trains Inmates in Cutting Polishing

Surat: The Surat district Jail authorities in association with a diamond firm, have started teaching cutting and polishing of rough diamonds to the prisoners. A diamond firm had installed two emery wheels in the jail where at present eight prisoners are learning cutting and polishing of diamonds. The step has been taken by the Jail superintendent H R Chaudhary, with the directors of Kohinoor diamonds, reports Indian Express.  There are over 2200 prisoners in Central jail at Surat city.

Sources in the Surat district central jail said that the diamond firm directors had paid visit to the Lajpore Central Jail in Surat city twice, and put proposal to develop skill of cutting and polishing of rough diamonds to the prisoners, with an intention that if they are discharged from the jail, they can easily get work outside and can earn good money. Sources said that there are few prisoners in the jail who knew cutting and polishing of rough diamonds.

The diamond cutting and polishing centre was started on Thursday. Eight prisoners had showed interest to learn the skill and they are being taught by fellow prisoners and a diamond firm employee.

Jail authorities said that every day a single diamond supplied by the diamond firm, is given to the prisoner and he is told to work on making a tail portion or a head portion. After a whole day’s work, the diamond is returned back to the firm manager. The half-cut and polished diamonds are kept under lock and key in a safe room in the jail. The diamond firm employee also keeps the details of stock of rough diamonds and polished diamonds.

One of the director of Kohinoor diamonds, Bharat Gajera, said, “The diamond stock is being sent to the jail by our manager who gives the diamonds to prisoners and takes it back in the evening from them. He also teaches the prisoners art of cutting and polishing of diamonds. The prisoners are also happy with this attempt. During our previous visit to the jail authorities, many prisoners had shown interest to cut and polish diamonds. If we get good results we will increase the number of emery wheels. The prisoners will get payment of labour charges, similar to the labour charges we are giving to our diamond polishers working in our factory.”

Lajpore Jail superintendent H R Chaudhary said, “Surat is known as diamond, textile and jari city. We have started many programs of developing skills among the prisoners, with an intention that once they get out from jail, they can work and earn money and not fall into criminal activities. We have already started power-loom machines. Cutting and polishing of diamonds was lacking and after Kohinoor diamond firm directors approached us with a proposal, we agreed. The diamond firm will supply raw materials (rough diamonds) and prisoners will cut and polish it. At present the diamond firm employees are teaching the art of cutting and polishing to the prisoners, while few of the prisoners also knew this art. They too have joined. We are getting a good response from the prisoners, and they have showed interest to learn this art.”