Seventh Mubri World Meeting Opens on 29th Sep

Ali Pastorini

Sao Paulo: From the 29th of September to the 1st of October, several countries gather to attend the Mubri World Meeting 2022 with great expectations from the names presented in this edition, 2022 was an exceptional year for Mubri thanks to several actions around the world.

This year Mubri broke his own record for the number of successful actions throughout the year, always seeking to serve its varied and demanding members, the Association has already established itself in some countries as a reference in activities of excellence.

Because of this, it would be no different to bring among the educational virtual activities lectures with names renowned regionally as well as worldwide, such as Alba Cappellieri; Esther Ligthart; Gabriel Angarita, among others. The lectures will take place virtually and will have simultaneous translation in different languages.

In the commercial activities, some of the more than 2,000 brands that are now part of the Association will be presented, this year those who will be presenting in the international Mubri catalog are:

Juwelen Design; Flora Maria; Lisi Fracchia Joyas; Ester Ventura; Saskia Shutt; LIORA; Indigo Joyas by Elsy Aragon; Waldsack Joias; Elisa Tergolina; Paula Curiacos; Telma Aguiar Jewelry; Cecilia Ghilardi Joalheria; Maihara Brandao; Tania Marzuca; Delphine Tempels; Vanessa Quintiliano; Patricia Bracho; Isela Robles; Cibele Andrade Joias; Cordier Joias; Leticia Llera Joyas; Katia Senna Jewelry; Tania Jauregui; Ezequiel Tapia; Cristina Patez Jewelry; Fernanda DelPizzo; Ambar Design; Eumary Gil; Bottecchia Fine Jewelry; Carmen Escalona Orfebre; Mariana Barranco Joyeria; Amori D’oro; Marcelo Lopes Design; Magda Garces Joyas; Vania Ladeira Design; Patricia Huerta; Ana Paula Padua; Daniela Kury; Victoria Kupfer; Trimori Joyeria; Pitti Marrone Jewellery; LOU by Lourdes Perez Molina; Carla Schiappa Jewelry; Larias Orfebres; RA Jewelry; Diana Jaikel; Luciana Laborne; CAT5 by Charo Barrera; Claudia Vega; Chetzed Jewelry; Marta Peraza Joyeria; Maria Laura Orfebre; Jara Joyas; Martha Guevara; La Loca Joyas; Caro Castelan; Atelier Pastrana; Mary Melendez; Zoraida Parraga Joyas; Helo Barreto; Maria de los Angeles de Mejias

The Association currently has among its members companies from the most different spectrums, the catalog comes with the objective of showing the potency of Mubri. The members range from wholesalers, retailers, designers, stone traders, as well as major global chain brands and sightholders.

Mubri partners are organizations such as GJEPC India, VicenzaOro, Madrid Joya and DMCC, besides that have in the Council Board names such as Eli Izhakoff, Colin Shah, Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Marco Carniello.

“We always create a viable business environment where there is some kind of financial result, branding and/or business opportunities. We face our strategies according to what the consumer is looking for, without ideology. We put real and serious people in connection with our group in order to continue to become a great business network and visibility for brands”, explains Ali Pastorini, Mubri’s International President.

This year it is expected that a large number of customers will access the catalogue, as is expected a high number of participants in the lectures as Mubri signed agreements with several schools and educational institutions to promote knowledge to professionals and students in the jewelry sector.