Reena Ahluwalia Collaborates with Aaron Shum

Hong Kong: Canadian jewellery designer and painter Ms. Reena Ahluwalia has collaborated with Hong Kong-based Aaron Shum Jewelry, which headlines its brand with its patented Coronet diamond-set jewellery, to unveil a painting of a Coronet piece on September 15 at the Hong Kong Jewellery show.

Aaron Shum is delighted to collaborate with acclaimed jewelry designer and diamond painter Reena Ahluwalia in launching Coronet portrait painting to showcase the true beauty and unique characteristics of this patented diamond setting technique.

The parties will be unveiling the ethereal Coronet portrait painting on 15 September 2016at the Aaron Shum Jewelry Booth (HKCEC Hall#1C402, C404, C501, C503) during the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair; in addition to the Coronet portrait painting, the exhibition will feature Reena’s seven astonishing art pieces from the Diamond Portrait Series and the Diamond Portal Series in Hong Kong for the very first time, including three of her latest creations: Heart of Gold, Pure Heart, and Passionate Heart.

The Coronet setting technique features a cluster of seven diamonds set together with no prongs in-between to present the illusion of a single, large diamond. Coronet received the Hong Kong top brand award in 2010.

The parties will also announce a jewelry design collaboration which will be launched in Vicenza Oro 2017.