NDT Produces Record-Breaking Synthetic Blue

Moscow: Russian company New Diamond Technology (NDT) announced it has produced a new blue diamond that it calls the world’s largest lab-grown blue diamond, more than twice the size of its prior notable blue stone, reports JCK.

The “world’s largest lab-grown blue diamond” is a 10.07 ct. fancy deep blue SI Asscher cut. Its IGI grading report can be seen here. The company had previously produced a 5.03 ct. blue.

It is difficult to value lab-grown diamonds, and auction houses generally won’t sell them. However, the 5.03 ct. blue sold to a retailer for $250,000, who in turn sold it to a buyer for an undisclosed amount, says company president Tamazi Khikhinashvili.

Khikhinashvili admits that if the diamond were natural, it would likely fetch millions. But he adds, “People buy natural blues for investment and never wear them. This is something somone can wear.”

The company has also produced what it calls “the world’s largest lab-grown colorless round”—a 6.07 ct. H VVS1 round. NDT previously produced a 10.2 ct. colorless stone, but that was an emerald cut.