Platinum Evara's Latest Collection for Women

Mumbai: Billions of years ago a meteorite crash left behind remnants of precious white metal – ‘Platinum’! Born of the stars, platinum is found in extremely limited quantities on Earth and is 30 times rarer than gold, adding a whole new dimension of exclusivity to this precious metal. Rarity, strength, endurance are key attributes that this metal is known for and make it the perfect match for the young women of today.

These are the qualities that have held us in good stead through these trying times and young women mirror them. In this past year and as we move forward, they have been a shining example of these aspirational qualities, a beacon of hope for all. Through some really difficult times, they have navigated their way forward by rising to the occasion with grace. Staying rooted in their values, standing strong, being resilient while spreading optimism, compassion, and empathy where it was needed the most. Whether we look at Jacinda Arden or many more examples back home in an extraordinary year, they came through.

In a time where humankind witnessed new challenges, experienced a new level of chaos, a few women chose to act with courage, find the strength within, hold the ones they care about close, with compassion and empathy. They stepped up to live with resilience as the crisis consumed a world, they were so familiar with, paving newer paths and creating a brighter tomorrow.

And so true to the role they played, and the beliefs they held close, the latest collection of Platinum Evara takes inspiration from the cosmic phenomenon of a supernova, the explosion of a star. Creating bright, all-encompassing, brimming sources of energy. Not very different from the modern woman who in her own way is a source of energy, positivity, and possibilities. The design palette is a mix of facets, disruptive lines and frames that create an illusion of volume. Along with defining edges, enveloping, and refracting forms. Angular, edgy, and yet dimensionally fluid with circular forms, curves and grooves, each design in the collection is a fitting homage to a woman who rises with grace, every single time. The pieces range from statement platinum rings, intricately designed platinum necklaces, and even stunning essential jewellery like earrings and bracelets.

The collection has been unveiled by six popular style icons, showcasing their favourite picks from the collection and styling tips with the pieces. The women leading a distinctive style coalition include leading lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur Masoom Minawala, celebrity stylist Sanjana Batra, luxury lifestyle influencer Aayushi Bangur, South Indian actresses Mrinalini Ravi and Nikki Galrani and Yoga guru Pradaini Surva. The content captures myriad ways to style the new collection, showcasing the versatility of the pieces that are sure to elevate every single look.

An interesting collaboration with Vogue to celebrate the campaign theme of #RiseWithGrace pushes this initiative a notch higher. Through a video, Priyanka Kapadia – Fashion Director at Vogue, celebrates the rare spirit of women who continue to stand tall against all odds. As part of the collaboration, she will also host an Instagram live session with the audience, highlighting her top 10 picks and style tips.

Here are a few of our favourite picks in the meantime and what they signify for the modern women of today:

  • Breaking away from their path and starting all over again, these diamond-studded platinum arcs signify her courage to step away from what’s familiar and doesn’t align with her values. It represents the way she upholds everything she believes in, even if at times that means letting go of a path that doesn’t feel true to her.
  • Staying rooted yet branching out seamlessly, these leaves emerge from a diamond-studded stem. These earrings mimic her journey of moving towards new horizons while staying centered in courage.
  • Symbols resilience, these diamond-studded squares represent her compassion in testing times. The band moving through them signifies the way she steers through every bend in the road.
  • Held together by a platinum band, the two contrasting triangles portray yin and yang – reflecting the way she holds herself together through the good times and bad. The diamond-studded hexagonal motifs opening up reflect how she emerges stronger from it all, ready to take anything on.