IIG and Gemewizard to Commence Online Courses

Mumbai: International Institute of Gemology, Mumbai, officially announced the starting of a new on-line course to run in collaboration with The Gem Colour Academy, Gemewizard®. The new venture enables IIG to offer online and on-site classes of Gem Color Academy’s Colored Stones Grading Course and Coloured Diamond Grading Course in its premises in India and Hong Kong.

Mr. Rahul Desai, CEO of IIG said, “The unique tools are given by the Colored Stones Grading course and Coloured Diamond Grading course, and our institute’s approach of continuously looking for new innovative courses are a perfect match. The Gem Color Academy’s pioneer programs, with their associated Gemewizard’s GemePrice™ system, can enable us to offer new levels of gem education in our local areas. The young Indians will enjoy a smooth entry into the gem and jewellery world.”

Gemewizard’s president Menahem Sevdermish concluded, “Gemewizard is always looking for new ventures to expand its services worldwide. We see India as the main target for our products and courses. Therefore, the IIG, a long-established and a prominent player in the education of gems and jewellery in this region is the best partner we could ask for our online programs.”

Mr. Desai said, “IIG is always looking for opportunities to bring world class gemology education to India. While moving through the same space we have proudly partnered with Israel’s well-known organization GemeWizard. GemeWizard’s outstanding education and exercise will open a new prospect for our Indian students.”

The Colored Stones Grading course is ideal for anyone wishing to develop in buying, selling, auctioning or valuing gems or jewellery. The innovative course offered by IIG powered by Gemewizard’s groundbreaking technologies teaches the grading rules for color, clarity, size, geographical origin, enhancements and other attributes; demonstrates the techniques and methodology behind them. The pricing system then allows students to calculate the potential effect of each feature on the gem’s current market price via interactive exercises.

This is the first course to be introduced in India by IIG in collaboration with Gem Colour Academy’s network of colleges. The course will offer on-site courses in Israel, Netherland and South Africa. The course (online & on-site) will be available from Dec 15, 2020.