NDC to be Truely Consumer Centric: David Kellie

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has been recently re launched as the Natural Diamond Council (NDC). The NDC will continue the DPA’s mandate to promote the desirability of natural diamonds and support the integrity of the diamond jewelry industry. CEO of the NDC Mr. David Kellie here talks to gems2jewellery.com about its plans and future strategy.

Why was the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) renamed and rebranded? Did the earlier name DPA and the slogan “Real is Rare” prove ineffective to achieve the intended goals?

David: The primary reason for re-establishing and re launching the organization’s identity and brand is to be truly consumer-centric and clearly focused on representing natural diamonds: both the product and the industry. The new name states the singular focus and the word ‘Council’ better conveys the integrity, authority, stringent standards and the accountability of all the organizations that contribute to it.

The NDC will promote the desirability of natural diamonds and be the trusted resource and authority for both consumers and the industry. The consumer facing platform has been repositioned under the brand name Only Natural Diamonds’ (OND), a definitive digital destination for natural diamonds. The aim of OND is to inspire, educate and protect consumers by inspiring and being an insightful authority on the world of natural diamonds.

Has scope of the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) widened? What targets have you set to achieve during 2020-21?

David: The mission of the NDC is to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry and inspire, educate and protect consumers through a digital first approach. In terms of targets, we hope to drive desirability for natural diamonds by focusing on the emotional dream and values inherent to our industry. Since people are stuck within the confines of their homes, they are turning more and more to technology to keep themselves abreast of the happenings around the world, connect with their loved ones and keep their minds engaged. This is the ideal time to create a digital publishing platform that will showcase aspirational content around everything natural diamonds.

How do you plan to educate consumers on the industry and the positive social contribution of diamonds?

David: NDC’s mission is to create a desirability for natural diamonds, the ultimate luxury product, and to provide transparency and insight on the ethics and progress of this industrial sector. We wish to achieve this by communicating the inherent value and benefits of the natural diamond industry. The launch of our portal www.onlynaturaldiamonds.in offers consumers a single destination for inspiring and emotionally engaging content on the world of natural diamonds, and we will showcase all the sustainability efforts of our members on this platform.

What future do you foresee for natural diamonds when the LGDs are becoming fast popular?

David: Lab-grown diamonds are a different product for a different target audience. Natural diamonds will continue to evoke deep emotions, while remaining timeless and rest within the aspirational luxury category. Our focus is on building the values of natural diamonds for our consumers.

This lockdown has meant that consumers are unable to interact with their loved ones to the extent that they would like to. As people stay home, their appreciation for the environment and all things natural is growing. When the scenario changes, they are going to crave avenues to express their love and affection through multiple ways. Natural diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love, so what better way to celebrate your relationships than with a gift of a billion-year-old, one-of-a-kind natural diamond?

As consumers emerge with a sense of gratitude, they will also become more conscious about every choice they make. Slow fashion is going to be the new normal, and natural diamonds fit in perfectly with this concept. They are versatile, they never go out of style, their sparkle never fades and they can be used on both traditional and contemporary wear.

As people choose fewer but finer things, they will look for heirloom pieces that they can pass on, and eternal natural diamond jewellery is the perfect way to do just that.

Interview by Suresh Chotai