Mujeres Brillantes Visits Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo: The second stop of the World Tour Mujeres Brillantes 2018 took place in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil during the International Women’s Week. Unlike in Panama City in January, which focused more on the visits to Jewelry´s Schools and Stores allied to the Association, the World Tour – Brazil focused on promoting talk sessions focused on women’s entrepreneurship.

On the first day of the World Tour – Brazil, President Ali Pastorini signed an alliance with the European Institute of Design (IED) leading members of the Association to visit the establishment, meet their laboratories and study the possibility of developing a project for professional development of the woman. On the same day there was a Talk Session with the theme “Entrepreneurship in the Jewelry Market” with the participation of IED professionals as well as the President of Mulheres Brillantes debating the Brazilian market and why many jewelers in the country are choosing to manufacture their pieces in China and not in the country itself, showing a point to be improved in Latin America which is the specialized labor force.

On the second day of the World Tour – Brazil the President visited stores  chosen by the Tour to meet and promote some of its members, in total there were 9 chosen jewelers, among them: Leia Sgro, Cris Zalli, Marina Garcia, Raphaela Rocha, Nina Renucci , Thiago Moreira, Elisa Inoue, Gislaine Ribeiro and Marcia Mizutah. Everyone had the opportunity to show their work to the President as well as explaining their greatest challenges and how the Association is improving their lives.

Finally, on the last day of the Tour, she concluded with two more talks on female entrepreneurship, held at EspaçoMix School, a partner of Mujeres Brillantes since December 2017. The first talk was with attorney Regina Ferreira, who spoke about the importance of registering the brand . The second talk was with fashion consultant and journalist Vanessa Barone who talked about how to Dress in a work environment. The aim of the lectures beyond constant apprenticeship is to prepare women not only in a professional but also social and emotional level to be well prepared to the market, their competitiveness and consequently well prepared to assume leadership positions in their own companies or in the companies where they are employees.

The balance of the second stop of the World Tour was extremely positive as it showed the rapid development and progress of the Brazil chapter that was created in less than a year and impressed visitors and experts by the quality of its members. The week was covered by Brazilian journalists and also had support from sponsoring companies such as: Polibras, Le Chef Gato, Onodera, Giuliana Camargo, Parallel Projects, Viva la Vida Beauty Spa.