Manmohana Collection by Jet Gems

ManmohanMumbai: The revered Natkhat bal Gopal rouses divine energy and devotion to him is a celebration of life. Inspired by kanha’s numerous avatars and the opulence and passion of crafting jewellery are the raison d’etre for the new ‘Manmohana Collection’ by JET GEMS.

The signature collection Manmohana includes symphonic expressions of Brindavan that infuse devotion with a mesmerising vision of Lord Krshna. Blended with intricate work on the extraordinary gemstone Tanzanite and boasting of the skilled craftsmanship, the beautifully crafted jewels deftly integrate playful moods and vibrant hues that exemplify the divinity of the Lord.

Seizing the exhilarating emotion that creates a trance like vision of the blooming plume, the Manmohana collection – an ode to Lord Krsna includes designs that illustrate the vivacious tints of enamel and the radiance of precious stones and vibrant hues of blue and green. The captivating element Mor Pankh is crafted in sparkling diamonds that creates a divine serenity. Manmohana’s necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings collection integrate the novel peacock design that is woven into a pattern that completes each of the pieces.

Inspired by the story of the jubilant dance of the peacocks in the pastures of Brindavan that created paradise on earth, The star piece Brindavan Magic captures the Lord’s captivating lotus face with his sweet nectarine smile, his mesmerizing flute along with enchanting marvelous peacock feathers. It is accentuated by 41.21 Karat diamonds on Tanzanite Krishna face.