IDI Launches Holiday B2C Sales Platform

idi-logoRamat Gan: The Israeli Diamond Industry is gearing up for Cyber Monday with a pop-up B2C e-commerce platform for loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, launched by the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI). The dedicated mini-site, which will offer goods at considerable discounts from some of Israel’s leading companies, will go live on December 1 and will be up for the entire month.

Israel Diamond Deals has been specially curated to offer hand-picked natural diamonds and diamond jewelry in the following categories: polished white and natural fancy color stones, engagement rings, right hand rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Discounts on the items range from 4% to 33%, with list prices from $995 to $211,200.

Last year IDI held a Cyber Monday B2C pilot, offering goods from a small selection of companies. Based on the overwhelming response, IDI decided to invite a greater selection of companies to participate and to extend it to the end of December.

Selling directly to consumers is a fairly new development for the Israeli Diamond Industry, which has historically sold almost exclusively B2B. In the past few years, with the active support and encouragement of IDI, some Israeli diamond companies have begun to sell online, both to businesses and consumers. Although the diamond industry has always been conservative by nature, this trend reflects the willingness of some of the Israeli companies, steered by a younger generation of diamantaires, to utilize multiple marketing channels.

IDI Chairman Moti Ganz praised the initiative saying “The Israeli Diamond Industry is extremely diversified, with many companies manufacturing their own diamond jewelry. Our companies are looking for multiple marketing channels and the Cyber Monday program is a great way to support them in selling B2C.”

IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar said, “Selling diamonds and diamond jewelry to consumers over the internet has proven itself. Through our portal site, social media, special apps and proprietary software, IDI has led the Israeli industry into the digital era. The Cyber Monday pop-up platform is our latest innovation, and there will be many more to come.”

Israel Diamond Deals will be supported by IDI with an intensive marketing campaign in English, Hebrew, Chinese and Russian through the IDI portal site, social media, email, press releases and banners.