Important Clarification from EGL

egl-logoRamat Gan: The holders of the worldwide rights of EGL hereby notify you, the members of the Israel Diamond Exchange, and all members of the diamond industry and trade, that on November 25th, 2014, the license agreement with the gemological laboratory operated by Mr. Guy Benhamou (a former EGL laboratory that also uses the name EGL INTERNATIONAL), located in the Noam building in Ramat Gan, was revoked and canceled.

Upon termination of the license, as of 25.11.2014, this lab is not authorized to issue certificates bearing the EGL trademark in any form whatsoever and/or represent the EGL brand.

Any certificate issued by this laboratory, including certificates bearing the name EGL INTERNATIONAL and/or the Internet address WWW.EGLREPORTS.ORG issued after this date is therefore a counterfeit report and the EGL trademark rights owners do not accept or regard such grading reports as reliable or credible.

Anyone making use of such reports is in violation of the rights of EGL, is misleading the public and exposes himself to a variety of charges, in particular legal procedures and criminal charges due to infringements of trade mark laws and demands for compensation, and does so on his own accord with all the implications that this entails. The EGL trademark rights owners reserve the right to prosecute anyone who makes use of such reports.

In addition, the EGL rights owners announce that in spite of the fact that they own the majority of shares in the company holding the above laboratory, Mr. Benhamou, while a minority shareholder, has taken control of the company and acts in it without their approval. The EGL rights owners also applied the courts to dissolve the company.

The EGL trademark rights owners hereby let it be known that the only laboratory in Israel eligible to issue grading reports that carry the EGL trademark and logo, is the EGC laboratory which resides at Shoham 8, Ramat Gan.