IDE President Announces New Team

Ramat Gan: Yoram Dvash, the newly elected President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) announced this week that he had completed his round of appointments of functionaries on the board and of the heads of the IDE committees.

The make-up of the IDE Presidium and Board is: Yoram Dvash, President; Yehezkel Blum, Executive Vice President; Shalom Papir, Senior Deputy President; Yaacov Ahron Shely, Vice President and Treasurer; Eli Shiri, Vice President, in rotation with Yoram Harel-Haimoff; Yoram Harel-Haimoff Vice President, in rotation with Eli Shiri; Boaz Moldawsky, Chair, Finance Committee; Eyal Fruchter, Chair, Judicial Committee; Meir Dalumi, Honorary Secretary; Shai Schnitzer, Honorary Secretary; Chaim Volner – Member of the Board; Emma Janover – Member of the Board; Philippe Frey – Member of the Board; Herzel Siton – Member of the Board; Shlomo Eden – Member of the Board; Hani Israel – Member of the Board; Ilan Samuel – Member of the Board.

These are the chairpersons of the various committees: Finance – Boaz Moldawsky; Judicial – Eyal Fruchter; External Affairs – Meir Dalumi; Industry – Eli Shiri; Banks – Yehezkel Blum; Taxation – Yehezkel Blum; IT and Innovation – Shai Schnitzer; Strategic Thinking – Meir Dalumi; Permanent Membership Approval – Herzl Siton; Member Acceptance – Yoram Harel-Haimoff; Rough Diamonds – Shai Schnitzer; Jewellery – Ilan Samuel; Israel Diamond Week – Moti Fluk; Immigrant Absorption – Philippe Frey; Trade Hall – Philippe Frey; Commemoration & Honors – Yoram Harel-Haimoff; Sports – Yoram Harel-Haimoff; Corporate Social Responsibility – Emma Janover; Consumer Affairs – Chana Israel

“I feel we have assembled an excellent team that is well equipped to cope with the many challenges we have ahead of us,” Dvash noted. “There are a lot of new, young faces on board, but also members with decades of experience. As I see it, this is just the right mix of talents that we need to propel our exchange and industry at large forward. I wish all a successful and fruitful term in office,” Dvash concluded.