GHI Gemological Laboratory Launches at JCK

Synthetic diamondsLas Vegas: GHI Gemological Laboratory has officially launched at JCK Las Vegas. The lab will provide complete analyses, as well as additional findings such as preliminary results, light performance reports and cut grade reports for round, princess, and all major stone shapes.

The lab said each diamond it receives for grading will be examined and verified by at least three in-house gemologists. The lab’s staff includes GIA- and FGA-graduates, color specialists, clarity experts and researchers with advanced degrees in chemistry and physics.

GHI said its new reports build on the lab’s legacy as a gemological think tank and research center, specializing in diamond treatments and identification.

“In the last decade, diamond treatments and lab-grown diamond technologies have become more and more sophisticated. During that time, GHI researchers and scientists have worked behind-the-scenes – studying, publishing, and creating new protocols to recognize and document these developments,” said Mitch Jakubovic, director of GHI.

Jakubovic continued, “GHI printed and digital reports reflect our legacy of insight and exploration. On top of our classic evaluation elements, they will showcase the fruits of our contemporary research: advanced analyses of diamond treatments, identification and cut grade.”

The lab said its reports will debut in both digital and printed bi-fold. It will release a variety of customized tools on an ongoing basis, to support retailers and consumers, both online and in stores.