Gahcho Kué Recovers 68 Carat Diamond

Toronto: Mountain Province Diamonds recovered the largest gem-quality stone yet from its Gahcho Kué mine in Canada. At 67.87 carats, the octahedron-shaped rough diamond was extracted during the ramp-up of the mine, which was launched in September last year.

“The presence of large gem-quality diamonds at Gahcho Kué was established during the bulk sampling when a 25.13-carat octahedron was recovered. The recovery of a 67.87-carat, gem-quality diamond during production ramp-up is very encouraging,” said Patrick Evans, chief executive officer of Mountain Province.

The mine is on track to achieve commercial production, meaning 70 percent of capacity, during the first quarter, Evans added. The company’s second sale of diamonds from initial output will take place in Antwerp from February 20 to March 1. Mountain Province, which has a 49 percent stake in the mine, is a co-owner along with De Beers.