ALROSA Unearths Another Special Diamond

Moscow: ALROSA reported it has produced a 110.84-carat diamond at its Jubilee kimberlite pipe and Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant.

The diamond crystal has an octahedral shape with a sheaf-like-splintery hatching. Its dimensions are 25.5 х 16.0 х 22.0 mm. the stone has patterns of trigonal depressions on its sides. There have been internal intersecting cracks spotted on the surface and intermediate zones of the diamond. The color of the stone is transparent with a yellow tint.

The Jubilee pipe has been developed as an open pit since 1989, and accounts for the bulk of ore that Aikhal plant processes. In accordance with JORC, Jubilee reserves are estimated at 97 million carats of rough diamonds. Based on this assessment, mining at the pipe can be provided until 2030. The volume of diamond production for the first 9 months of 2016 was 8.3 million carats.

Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant is a producer of diamonds from the Jubilee, Komsomolsky and Aikhal deposits. In 2016, the Aikhal plant produced 12.2 million carats of diamonds.