EXCLUSIVE: Listen to the Voices of our Industry’s Under-Represented Majority

Ali Pastorini

Panama: Ms. Ali Pastorini, Senior Vice President of Panama Diamond Exchange and Vice Prsident of World Jewellery Hub, expresses her thought on the recently concluded 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai.

Having recently returned from Dubai, where it was my privilege to represent the Panama Diamond Exchange (PDE) at the 37th World Diamond Congress, I have had time to reflect on the industry gathering that undoubtedly remains a seminal event in the life our business.

The very fact that, on a regular basis, the leadership of our sector, from all corners of the earth, gathers together to discuss the most pressing topics on our agenda is in itself a remarkable achievement. And there were certainly critical subjects on our schedule, not least the challenges currently being experienced in obtaining bank financing and the demand that our trade becomes more transparent.

But, while the list of speakers was impressive and the quality of the discussion was enlightening, as I looked about the room I could not help feeling that we were missing out on what could have been an even more valuable experience. (Read more here)