Diacam360 to be Launched During IDW

Ramat Gan: One of the highlights of the upcoming International Diamond Week (IDW) in Israel, which will commence on February 8, is the launch of a table-top, affordable and easy to use scanning device that produces high quality photos and 360-degree, interactive videos of polished diamonds in seconds. The device, which will be unveiled at the event’s DiamTech exhibit, was developed by the Israeli diamond firm Shirtal Diamonds, in response to requests of their overseas clients for high quality images of diamonds offered for sale by the firm.

The result of Shirtal’s efforts is the DiaCam360, a small portable, effective and affordable scanning device that creates high quality photos and 360-degree, interactive videos of polished diamonds, comparable in quality to photos taken in a professional studio.

‘In a business where most of one’s clients are located in – often remote – foreign markets and countries, we needed an use tool that would enable clients to view our diamonds from every angle, just as if they are holding the stone in their own hands. Of course, the device is easy to use and the user does not need any photographic skills to operate the DiaCam360 successfully,” Lior Hirsh, Shirtal’s marketing manager explained. “In addition, it is well known that customers prefer an interactive display of the product over a still photo or video. We offer both options with the Diacam360.”