CIBJO Releases 'CSR for the Jewellery Professional'

cibjo_logoMilan: World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF), the educational arm of CIBJO, has announced the launch of a six-lesson course on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for jewellery, diamond, coloured gemstone, pearls, coral and precious metal professionals, in association with Branded Trust Education of Australia.

The online course, called “CSR for the Jewellery Professional” was developed by a team of world-recognized experts specifically for the jewellery, gemstone and precious metals industries, along its entire supply chain. Graduates who successfully complete its requirements will receive a Level 1 Certificate of Accreditation, issued by WJCEF.

“Our goal in developing the course is to enable all members of the industry, at the mining, manufacturing, wholesale and retail levels, from management through to sales staff, to obtain a practical understanding of CSR and sustainability, as it applies to the jewellery business today,” explained Gaetano Cavalieri, the CIBJO and WJCEF President. “To an ever-increasing degree, a jewellery company is expected to ensure that its staff is CSR-educated and proficient. This course is designed to make that possible.”

Students of the course will access each of the six lessons via a dedicated website, where subject-matter experts will instruct them on a range of key topics. Every lesson includes a video lecture, downloadable readings that at the end of the course can be compiled into a book on CSR, and links to other relevant readings and websites.

At the conclusion of each lesson a student will be given a test to gauge his or her understanding of key terms and concepts, and at the end of the course students will be required to submit an essay. A total assessment score of greater than 60 percent will be required before a student will be awarded the WJCEF Certificate of Recognition.

The six lessons are:

  • “Practical Definitions of CSR,” presented by Professor Michael Segun, Director of CSR Studies at the University of Central Queensland, Australia.
  • “Major CSR Issues Affecting the Jewellery Industry,” presented by Professor Benedict Sheehy, Professor of Law at the University of Canberra, Australia, and a widely published expert in corporate governance and CSR.
  • “The Business Case for CSR,” presented by Marcel Kreis, former Chairman and Manager Director, Private Banking, Credit Suisse Asia-Pacific, current Chairman of the Myer Family Company and CEO and Managing Director of Branded Trust Assurance Systems.
  • “Tools and Approaches for Implementing CSR,” presented by Mr. Miguel Popopa Guerrero, and environmental and sustainability engineer, recently with the Mexican Chamber of Industry and now with Branded Trust.
  • “Making ‘Green’ Claims and Consumer Protection Law,” by Dr. Donald Feaver, former law professor and now the Chief Technology Officer of Branded Trust Assurance Systems, who is an expert in international and transnational regulatory systems.
  • “Professional CSR Accreditation,” presented by Ms. Maria Stradlund, a sustainability consultant from Stockholm, Sweden.

Initially the six-lesson course is being offered only in English. The cost per student is U.S. $300.

For more information and to register for the six-lesson “CSR for the Jewellery Professional” course, go to: