Celebrate Friendship Day with Platinum

Mumbai: This friendship day, Platinum Days of Love, wants you to remember that your partner might be your lover, but above everything, you are #FriendsFirst. Celebrate your relationship that has stood the test of time on the foundation of long standing warmth and a strong friendship.

Seal the promise of always being #FriendsFirst with Platinum Love Bands, for you definitely share what’s rare. The masculine and feminine rings have complementary designs with matched central motif bringing alive individuality amidst togetherness: when you appreciate the differences as much as you appreciate the common things. Just like friends do.

Etchings of a rare love that last for a lifetime are the underlying themes across the range. Diamonds have been used to accentuate the design and femininity for the woman’s rings, while a substantive metal look with an interplay of textures and finishes adds the necessary gravitas to the men’s range.

Let the rare and precious Platinum Love Bands be a beautiful reminder that you will always be #FriendsFirst.