Brilliant Women will Meet in Bogota

Bogota: This initiative promoted by the World Jewelry Hub and Diamond Exchange Panama seeks to empower more women in the jewelry industry in Latin America.

The group calling itself the Brilliant Women will hold its second meeting in the Colombian capital, to analyze the role of women in the jewelry industry. The meeting will be held on Thursday , October 27 at 10 am, in the Chapinero Business Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

The event is held in partnership with the Cluster initiative Jewelry and Jewelry led by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, and will be developed under the Expanded Council annually invites all industry players in Bogota to discuss the progress of initiative as well as the gaps and challenges that this economic activity to improve their competitiveness.

The movement led by Ms. Ali Pastorini, Senior Vice President of the World Jewelry Hub (WJH), is composed of jewelers entrepreneurs and women who want to enter the world of jewelry, mostly from Latin America and with the presence of members of Turkey, Russia, Italy, Romania and Israel.

“Our first meeting was to show women they are not alone and that we are to be your voice and tell the world about the importance of women in the leadership of an industry in which most consumers are women.” Pastorini said.

According Pastorini, the aim of the meeting in Colombia is to show the world what women can provide for themselves in the industry. It will also be an opportunity to discuss issues currently affecting their own businesses, the importance of strategic communication and knowledge of markets and consumers, among others.

Pastorini, who will lead this meeting, will be accompanied by the vice president of the Diamond Exchange Panama, Judy Meana, both are the first women to hold leadership positions in the history of diamond bourses worldwide.

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