Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery in Japan

argyle-pink-diamondsTokyo: In a spectacular collaboration of craftsmanship and couture Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds have partnered with esteemed Japanese bridal house, Hatsuko Endo, to showcase the finest in beauty and romance from Australia and Japan.

Hatsuko Endo’s exquisite collection of international designer wedding gowns was paired on the runway in Tokyo with bespoke Argyle pink diamond jewellery, created by some of the finest Japanese jewellery master-craftsmen.

Argyle Pink Diamonds manager Josephine Johnson said “The Japanese market is very important to us and we are delighted to be in Tokyo to support our Japanese ateliers and partners. They have elevated the story of rarity and beauty into the highest quality of craftsmanship, showcased in in a beautiful bridal setting.”

The Argyle pink diamond jewellery phenomenon started in Japan almost 30 years ago when Japanese designers boldly embraced Argyle’s pink diamonds and incorporated them in beautiful and innovative designs. Today Rio Tinto sells around 30% of its Argyle pink diamonds into Japan where the pink hues are synonymous with romance and love and there is an unerring appetite for the smallest, palest pink diamonds, through to the rarest red diamonds.

Showcased in Tokyo were several pieces of signature Argyle pink diamond jewellery including the extraordinary Wisteria shoulder brooch by Japanese jeweller Kashikey. Kashikey is a pioneer of Japan’s fancy coloured diamond market and has painstakingly handcrafted this irreplaceable work of art over two years. The Wisteria shoulder brooch features 26 carats of Argyle pink diamonds in the cascading blooms of the wisteria, each pink diamond precisely chosen for its graduating colour.

Also on display was the Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara, a bespoke piece by Australian luxury jewellery retailer Linneys. Tiaras are much coveted by Japanese brides and the Argyle Pink Diamond tiara showcases 178 Argyle pink diamonds in various shapes, sizes and hues.