‘Antwerp’s Most Brilliant’ Continues to Grow

Antwerp: In 2013, the City of Antwerp – in collaboration with AWDC, certification body KIWA, Ars Nobilis and FPS Economy – launched the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant (AMB) quality label. This label honors jewelers that continually go the extra yard to provide their customers a reliable and high quality product.

Today we can confirm that the label is fully established. The family of Antwerp’s Most Brilliant jewelers now consists of 12 members. AWDC plays an important role in this quality label. We do so because in this way we create a face for our industry – one that radiates confidence and quality, and is directed toward tourists, visitors and – last but not least – the people of Antwerp.

Antwerp’s Most Brilliant is now in existence for two years. We have made considerable progress, but there is still room to grow. To this end, we would also like to ask for your help. With this newsletter, we hope to further highlight Antwerp’s Most Brilliant and ask for your help in supporting and promoting the quality label.

To find out what you can do, visit this website for more information. Folders are available at the AWDC reception desk, containing what you need to know about the label, the associated jewelers and the Antwerp Loves Diamonds app.