Ali Pastorini Offers a Course for Beginners & Brands

Ali Pastorini

New York: Ms. Ali Pastorini, one of the leading names in the world jewelery sector, offers to students, designers and jewelers with small businesses a course about Build a Brand. The intention of this initiative is to help these jewelers to choose better paths in the first years of the brand and/or to contribute to those who are still in the sector but do not feel any kind of evolution with their brands.

In the course that is available in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and Portuguese), Ali uses her straight and honest way to speak (one of the main characteristics of the businesswoman) to show which strategies are the best and how to execute them to reach out the right customers and profitable results. This is part of the experience she has as an entrepreneur (her jewelry brand is one of the fastest growing in terms of sales number during the pandemic), and also her experience as an executive contributing the past few years as a market consultant to some of the main worldwide companies. In addition to being President of the International Association of Jewelers Mubri where she has daily contact with different styles of jewelers and their expectations, victories and frustrations.

The reason why Ali decided to create this initiative now comes with several reasons, such as the entrepreneur believing that education will always be the best way to fully teach entrepreneurs to offer the best service to the customer, but she also wants to help many jewelers because the current moment where there are reports of several companies closing and leaving the sector. “I don’t think because I, my brand and the companies that I worked as a consultant reached good numbers that I must hold on to this information and not share with others my knowledge. I think it is the duty of those who are doing well to help in some way those who are not, encouraging them not to give up and follow their dreams”, said Ms Pastorini.

Another great advantage of the course is that the amount to watch and learn is viable for the majority, which surprised all the sector when she announced it, since that Ali is well known for being one of the most disputed professionals in the current market with a full agenda. ” I put myself in the people´shoes and decided to make it viable for everyone to enjoy and use in their companies”.

The course also offers a free meeting with Ali where the person, after finishing, can meet virtually to clear up doubts and receive more tips.

If you are interested to learn and participate you can access the following link

You can also send a message to