Yoram Dvash Elected as President of the IDE

Ramat Gan: Mr. Yoram Dvash was elected as the new President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) today, December 16, 2015, replacing incumbent President Shmuel Schnitzer, who served a single two-year term. In the elections of the IDE presidency and board of directors, Dvash won with 1080 votes, against his single opponent, Arnon Juwal, who drew 761 votes.

A first generation diamantaire, Yoram Dvash (1964) launched his own diamond manufacturing and trading business, Dvash Diamonds Ltd., in 1991. Starting out in the production of small, square- and princess-cut diamonds, he gradually moved into the manufacturing of larger stones, square-shaped and rounds, in sizes up to five carats. Dvash Diamonds manufactures all its diamonds exclusively in Israel, and markets his production abroad, also through satellite offices in the major diamond trading hubs. Dvash Diamonds is currently among the top 20 diamond exporting firms in Israel.

A manufacturer at heart, Yoram Dvash has been a member of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) since the beginning of the century and an IsDMA board member since 2011. He also served a term on the board of the Israel Diamond Institute.

Yoram first joined the board of directors of the Israel Diamond Exchange in 2013. He currently serves as Treasurer and also is the Chairman of both the IDE’s Industry and Manufacturing Committee and the Marketing and Foreign Affairs Committee. He is the driving force behind the establishment and further development and expansion of the IDE’s Centre for Manufacturing and Innovation which was established to guarantee that diamond cutting and manufacturing will not only remain in Israel but will also increase and make a decisive contribution to the diversity and growth of the Israel diamond sector. He also initiated the “10+ -carat development section” in the technological service area in the bourse trading hall, to assure that these stones will be manufactured in Israel and not elsewhere.

Following the elections outcome, outgoing president Shmuel Schnitzer congratulated Dvash upon his election as the bourse’s new leader and wished him and his new board Godspeed and best of luck in taking the IDE successfully forward.