Xifu Design Competition: Entries End on 31st May

Hong Kong: Jewellery designers all over the world have until 31 May 2017 to submit their entries for the inaugural Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition.

Organised by JNA and CJNA of UBM Asia, the World Gold Council and the People’s Government of Yantian District, Shenzhen, the biennial competition aims to usher in a new era in gold wedding jewellery designs.

Response to the Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition has been extremely enthusiastic, with submissions pouring in from around the world since it opened for entries on 1 March 2017. The organisers noted that jewellery designers have been eager to share their perspective on the subject, leading to a truly international showcase of various cultures’ interpretation of gold wedding jewellery.

As the deadline for the submission of entries nears, members of the competition’s illustrious panel of judges taped video messages to invite even more designers to take part in this magnificent opportunity to highlight their talent and achieve global recognition.

Professor Norman Cherry, chairman of the judging panel, hopes the Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition will attract more entries that genuinely reflect various cultures around the world and their interpretation of the 2017 theme, “Oneness.”

Luxury trends forecaster Paola De Luca sees the competition as an invaluable opportunity for the world to learn about traditional Chinese wedding jewellery. She expects entrants to inject new elements to elevate wedding jewellery design to the next level.

Contemporary artist Ben Mori believes that, aside from the promise of international acclaim, the competition’s grand prize of a 1kg gold bar is also a great draw and motivator. He is thus looking forward to a huge influx of entries until the deadline for submissions.

Professor Xuxiang Tang of Tsing Hua University emphasises the importance of providing an international perspective on gold wedding jewellery. He lauds the competition’s global nature that reflects the cultures of contestants from different parts of the world.

Finally, celebrated English jewellery designer Stephen Webster views the competition as the ideal platform for designers to add modern touches and an exciting twist to bridal jewellery.

The Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017 offers enticing rewards including a 1kg pure gold bar, a gold medal and a gold certificate for the grand winner. Business opportunities with the “Xifu” brand also await the victor.