WTOCD Grants License for Its Polishing Machine

WTCOAntwerp: After several positive polishing tests made on industrial super hard materials (PCD, CVD, MCD, pcBN) Coborn Engineering Ltd decided to acquire a license for WTOCDs’ patented grain independent polishing technology.

That license will extend existing technological cooperation between WTOCD and Coborn with the machining of diamonds materials for industrial applications. The exclusive license will be granted as of January 2015 and forms a key technological input for a new polishing machine. The machine will complement the existing Coborns’ product portfolio allowing up to 12 times faster machining of diamond based industrial super hard materials. Commercialization of the first machines working with the new technology is expected to take place at the beginning of 2016.

WTOCD keeps the exclusive rights on grain independent polishing of gem quality diamonds and is currently working with Coborns’ support on a new prototype for automatic gem diamond machining.

WTOCD is short for Wetenschappelijk en Technisch 0nderzoekscentrum voor Diamant (Scientific Research Centre for Diamonds). The mission of the Scientific Research Centre for Diamonds (WTOCD) is to assist the Belgian diamond sector, both the trade and industry, in increasing their competitiveness by making high-tech products and services available. WTOCD offers a wealth of possibilities in the area of development, scouting and implementation of new technology to produce top quality diamonds.