WDM to Collect Diamond Stories at JCK

WDMFHong Kong: The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) will be present at the JCK Las Vegas show to meet and greet retail jewellers and ask them to share their special diamond stories. The team will be at the show from June 5th, the day after the WDM’s Keynote Talk on June 4th at Tradewinds C/D, Pool Level of Mandalay Bay, where it will launch Part of You™, the WDM’s global diamond retailer promotion campaign and its brand-new B2C website www.passion.diamonds.

The team will be available for meetings throughout the five days of the show and can be reached on 1-650-7434893.

“Telling of diamond stories is at the core of Part of You™ campaign,” said Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, WDM Programme Director. “Life is full of stories and diamond retail jewellers have exciting diamond stories to tell. Some of you may have a great story on how you created a fantastic bespoke design piece, while others have stories on consumers gifting diamond jewellery. She added that retailers who try to sell diamond using the ‘dry facts’ and relying solely on information such as the Four C’s, will find themselves in trouble. “Diamond story telling is essential to diamond promotion and to sell diamonds and diamond jewellery more successfully, you need to make the emotional connection between diamonds and the consumers.”

The WDM team will be most happy to meet visiting retailers at JCK to hear about and collect their own diamond stories. They are invited to drop us an advance mail on add@worlddiamondmark.org to set up a meeting or call us during the show at number reached on 1-650-7434893.

To participate in the WDM’s JCK Keynote Talk on June 4th, please click here. This will lead you to the Events & Education section of the JCK Las Vegas show and the seminar programme itself. There you can add this Keynote Breakfast to your calendar and short list.