WDM Supports World Diamond Museum

Hong Kong: Last week, Alex Popov, chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) published a blog entitled “Art encapsulates history, culture and preserves value – it should enfold diamonds, too.” In his article, he asked “What do diamonds have to do with art? It all depends on how we imagine the identity and position of diamonds in the future. As we know, art is an integral part of our history, our heritage, our faiths, our preservation of wealth and of our cultural traditions.”

The answer he came up with: “Why not bring the diamond back where it belongs -to the world of art? In order not to be empty-worded I invite everyone to join me and my colleagues at the World Diamond Mark to take part in the World Diamond Museum project that is being prepared as we speak by the world’s leading curators and designers.”

The WDMF is in the midst of coordinating the World Diamond Museum project that will be unveiled towards the end of 2015. It is cooperating with major museums and collectors and is seeking as many players in the diamond, gem and jewelry industry as possible to contribute of their knowledge and experience to this monumental task.

Recently, the WDM signed a MoU with the Museum of Named Diamonds, a blessed initiative that meshes completely with the WDM’s endeavor to put the diamond back on the pedestal it deserves in the consumers’ understanding and thinking.

As part of the World Diamond Museum preparatory work the WDM will support diamond exhibitions in Dubai in 2016.