WDM Seminar at BrilliAnt

WDMFAntwerp: The World Diamond Mark (WDM) seminars, to be held during BrilliAnt, the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, will present the two main elements of the WDM programmes that aim to drive consumer traffic to the participating retail jewellers.

First, the WDM team will lift a tip of the veil of the “Part of You” consumer campaign. The point of departure of this campaign is that just like each person is a unique human being, so is the diamond that she or he is purchasing. Therefore, each diamond that joins up with a consumer marks a milestone in a person’s life and will be part of telling that person’s unique story. WDM retailers will have access to the marketing collateral of this campaign.

The seminar will also demonstrate how through WDM’s digital marketing campaigns, and the www.passion.diamonds consumer website (ready February 2017), the WDM is driving consumer traffic to the retail jewellers who have joined the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers programme.

For more information, visit the World Diamond Mark booth or attend the World Diamond Mark Seminar on the 29th of January at 14.30h or on the 31st of January at 9.30h at the Antwerp Diamond Bourse – 1st Floor.