WDM & Museum of Named Diamonds to Cooperate

Hong Kong: The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) and the Museum of Named Diamonds (MoND) announced they will be joining forces to collect retailers’ stories about diamonds at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas show. The announcement comes on the heels of the WDM’s call on diamond and diamond jewellery retailers to meet the WDM team and share their special diamond stories.

“This is another great opportunity to further the existing relationship between the World Diamond Mark and the Museum of Named Diamonds,” said MoND Vice Chairman Jacques Voorhees. “Our organisations share the common goal of enthusing consumers about diamonds and diamond jewellery. Highlighting diamond stories, and using them to bring romance and emotion back to the diamond industry, is an important tool for doing this. I look forward to working with the WDM team, during the show, meeting with retailers, and collecting exciting and inspiring diamond stories which we will then display in the Museum.”

Voorhees emphasized that the stories the partners are looking for are anything that touches on the human experience, whether it’s something about the proposal itself, how the couple met, the family history of the diamond if it’s an heirloom, or any touching or amusing anecdote.

“At the Museum of Named Diamonds,” he continued, “we have discovered that almost everyone with a diamond has a story to tell. Collecting these stories, and creating diamond names connected with these stories, helps reverse the commoditization trend the industry has experienced. When a retail jeweler focuses on not merely the 4 c’s, but on the emotion — the story — that the diamond symbolizes, it gives the millennial shopper precisely what they’re looking for: a personalised experience. That’s why we say MoND helps jewellers sell diamonds, through story-telling. And it works! When the best 21 stories are chosen, the Museum will help name those diamonds, and induct them into the Museum, where the stories will be preserved and shared,” he explained.

WDM Communications Director Ya’akov Almor, who is also Editor-in-Chief of the World Diamond Magazine, said the Summer issue of the publication would feature a pull-out section containing the stories. “We are in the process of putting together a jury panel to select the 21 best stories. This will be great publicity for those retailers who submit their stories!”

The WDM team will be at the show from June 5th and will be available for meetings throughout the four days of the show and can be reached on 1-650-743-4893. Jacques Voorhees can be reached at +1-970-393-2994.