UNI Diamonds to offer GIA Diamond Origin Reports

Mumbai: UNI Diamonds has reached an agreement with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to integrate GIA Diamond Origin Reports into all of the UNI diamond platforms, according to a press release issued by the Company.

As a result of the agreement, key information about the provenance of diamonds carrying such reports, including images of the rough stones from which they were cut, will now be made directly accessible via the UNI platforms. Jewelers using the newly developed Retailers App provided by UNI will be able to enhance the customized experience they offer virtually to their own clients, providing them with accurate and verifiable information about how specific diamonds were sourced and processed.

“Information about a stone’s origin is becoming an increasingly important asset in the successful sale of a diamond,” said Mahiar Borhanjoo, CEO of UNI Diamonds. “Using the GIA Diamond Origin Reports, UNI partners are able to take their customers on a diamond’s journey, from the country where it was mined, through the cutting, polishing and jewelry manufacturing processes, right up to the retail showroom. In so doing, not only are they able to tell a compelling story, but they also enhance the consumer’s confidence in the product. UNI’s core ethos is to promote transparency in the diamond industry, by demystifying the intricacies of diamond pricing, availability and now origin.”

“GIA Diamond Origin Reports provide businesses – including retailers – the opportunity to support transparency and traceability in the diamond supply chain,” said Anna Martin, GIA Senior Vice President for Business Development and Beneficiation. “By adding GIA Diamond Origin Reports to their platforms, UNI Diamonds is helping more retailers have access to diamonds with origin information.”

UNI is developing a suite of tools to support jewelry retailers, empowering them to maximize their sales and profitability in a rapidly changing market. Through its partnership with Malca Amit, UNI’s unique platforms allow for rapid delivery from its partners supplying the diamonds, to the jewelry retailers using its services.