UNI.Diamonds and EzCalc Strike Partnership Deal

Ramat Gan: With the pandemic of Coronavirus spreading rapidly all over the world and with members of the diamond and jewellery trades scrambling to find solutions that will enable them to manage their supply chains both remotely and more cost effectively, two of the industry’s most cutting-edge players have announced a partnership with game-changing potential.

UNI.Diamonds, operator of the online ecosystem that connects between vendors and buyers, securing the sale and safe delivery of polished diamonds anywhere on the globe, will be collaborating with EzCalc, the world’s most popular application for calculating diamond prices.
The jointly developed system will enable buyers, using computer or mobile devices, to conduct searches according to quality and price criteria. After selecting and remotely examining goods from a database worth more than $1 billion, representing the real-time stock of multiple major and niche suppliers, they will be able to complete a purchase and arrange its secure delivery wherever they choose.

“This a not a partnership that was created as result of the COVID-19 crisis, for we began our strategic discussions some time ago. But, fortuitously, it provides solutions that are ever more relevant in the environment that has been created in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Mahiar Borhanjoo, UNI’s CEO.

“Members of the trade are looking for tools that will enable them to conduct business safely and with a minimum of risk, be it health-wise or business-related,” he added. “That’s exactly what we are creating. The app enables them to search for diamonds by size, shape, color, quality and price range. They are offered a selection of goods, which they can examine and then make a decision. We will facilitate the transaction and guarantee the diamonds’ safe delivery. The clients do not have to step out of the door if they do not wish to.”

An online diamond buying and selling platform, UNI.Diamonds was launched at the beginning of October 2018, and currently is pegged as the industry’s fastest growing B2B enterprise, with its turnover growing meteorically. Its UNI-Prime inventory, which includes its suppliers’ stock held in its own vaults, all of which has been undergone an independent gemological review and is displayed online, is complemented by UNI-Standard inventory, which is held by other manufacturers and suppliers and fed into the UNI database by API. Using the services of its logistic partner Malca-Amit, UNI provides a full-service delivery package, including insurance. Goods from the UNI-Prime inventory are fully traceable, using blockchain technology.

EzCalc is today the world’s most widely used diamond-search and pricing application. With more than 350,000 downloads in the 12 years since it was first introduced, it is used monthly by more than 7,000 professional buyers.

“Marrying the technical expertise of two great companies, we bring to the industry massive assortment, competitive pricing, and the ability to complete door to door transactions from your cell phone,” said Daniel Moshe, President of DM-TM Ltd., the developer of EzCalc. “It is a tool that is tailor-made for the challenging environment in which we today live. We look forward to working with UNI and its partners, and also to growing our support to the industry in every way we possibly can.”