Tanzanite Mines May Become Tourist Destinations

TanzaniteDar-Es-Salaam: The Tanzanian government is considering turning the country’s tanzanite mines into “thrilling” tourist destinations, according to media reports.

Energy and minerals minister George Simbachawene was quoted by Chinese news agency Xinhua as saying that the move was part of the East African nation’s efforts to diversify its tourist products.

He said tanzanite mines were “popular” as Tanzania was the only country in the world that produces the precious stones.

“There are people who would be interest to visit the mining site and by doing so we’ll be telling the world that tanzanite is mined in Tanzania and nowhere else,” the minister said.

“I am sure once we turn this area into tourism, we’ll be receiving a good number of tourists who want to learn how tanzanite is mined.”

Meanwhile, Simbachawene said the tanzanite was very limited as it was expected to deplete in less than half a century.