Tanzanite Foundation Announces Reorganization

tanzaniteNew York: The Tanzanite Foundation has officially announced that it will undergo “structural and operational changes to better align with global tanzanite markets and sightholder expectations,” it explained in a recently released statement.

“After a long consultation period with the global industry, the future direction and resource allocation for the Tanzanite Foundation’s education, promotion, and information-distribution programs has been established to best offer a global service that meets the needs of the various markets at different stages of product maturity,” the release continued.

As part of the reorganization, the group’s office in New York City has already shuttered, but the nonprofit maintains that it will still keep corporate social-responsibility projects such as building schools and clinics in Tanzania operational under the auspices of TanzaniteOne Mining. The foundation also gave special thanks to longtime executive director Hayley Henning, who ran the U.S. office and all promotional efforts.