Tanya Rastogi: The Visionary Lady of Jewellery Industry

Tanya Rastogi is a Jewellery Connoisseur and curator, known for her everlasting eternal creations and enticing estate jewellery masterpieces. Coming from the family of the Nawabs ‘Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, the jewellers to the Nawabs of Awadh since centuries’, Tanya Rastogi was fortunate to have access to rare jewels that were once only adorned by the Nawabs of Lucknow. Her relentless love for jewellery is the prime force behind the creation of ‘JEWELS OF AWADH’. Her eternal romance with antiquity and passion to restore rare designs from the bygone era is the reason that she creates enticing, eternal and imperial designs for generations to cherish.

She has been known for her work at the Christine’s Auction, with proceeds going to the NGO, Nanhi Kali, as well as being a part of a Community Based Organization that works for the cause of revamping the infrastructure of government schools. Over the last decade, the jewellery giants from Lucknow, Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers advanced by leaps and bounds, with the aid of Tanya’s brilliant artistic acumen and vision. She has personally managed and brought up 3 of Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers’ flagship stores in Lucknow, in Mahanagar, Aminabad and Alambagh, respectively.

Here, G2J brings for you, a special interview with the dynamic and visionary lady of the jewellery industry.

What were your back ground, experience and qualifications in the Jewellery field before you opted to enter this sector? How did you establish your own separate identity in shadow of your business house?

Tanya: Being trained in gemological courses in Delhi, my penchant for jewellery designs got a great boost when I got married to the family of Jewellers of Nawabs. I was lucky to have access to the authentic vintage jewellery that dated more than 150 years and was once donned by royal courtesans of Awadh. This lead to the foundation of ‘Jewels of Awadh, first a collection and later it evolved into a luxury lounge that is nestled in Mahanagar outlet of our Lucknow store. Before Jewels of Awadh, I also established a property called Karnaphool which is a dangler festival hosted in multiple cities annually. I am fond of danglers and Karnaphool presents by best dangler collections for my customers and receives an overwhelming response every year

What is so unique about your designs and why should people buy them?

Tanya: I truly believe that jewellery is a passionate and eternal art and thus, is for generations to cherish, to own and to don. I love to curate vintage statement jewellery that recaptures the royal era of the Awadh kingdoms. Designing with meticulous and intricate workmanship, our jewellery integrates the rich heritage of Awadh with aesthetics of modern sensibilities.

What is the motivational factor behind your success and whom do you owe the credit of the success?

Tanya: My knack towards jewellery designs since childhood, the guidance I received from gemological courses in Delhi and the legacy and body of work of Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers are the three pillars of success in my life.

How do you maintain balance between your business and personal life?

Tanya: We need to learn to switch off one side of ours and focus on one thing entirely at a time. We should not think about home while we are at work and vice versa. We should find it in ourselves to have a single-minded focus, which will help us do our job well and faster because that saves us time. We also need to familiarise our children with our working spaces, as to inspire them to become a working parent in the future. For instance, my daughters have their design accessories in my working space and while looking at me work, they also aspire to be a working parent someday. These are my ways of maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

How deterrent would the male dominated Jewellery business prove to the women entrepreneurs?

Tanya: The jewellery industry is becoming liberal, inclusive and is focusing on innovation and strategies. As the women entrepreneur of the year of GJTCI Excellence Awards 2018, I think women stand an equal chance of being recognized today for their work as gender is no longer a deterrent in this industry.

What advice can you give to the aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Tanya: Focus on creativity, be bravely original with your designs o0r ideas as those are the only criteria which will strike a difference in the market.

What are your ambitions and future plans?

Tanya: I plan to make the modern woman relive the Nawabi lifestyle. Jewels of Awadh and Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers strive to bring back royalty and timeless, priceless craftsmanship in jewellery.

Presented by Suresh Chotai