Synthetic Diamond Identification Made Easy

Las Vegas: Gemmological Institute of India (GII), Mumbai and Arotek Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd., jointly developed an advanced version of the existing Q-CHK Instrument.

Mr. Anup Zaveri, Trustee of GII addressed the gathering of the diamantaires at a breakfast meeting held at Hotel Mandalaly Bay Resort & Casino, BanyanD, Level 5, South Convention Center, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Q-CHK is one of the ultimate Instruments for Identification of CVD-HPHT Synthetics. The testing is done very easily and quickly. It is very versatile Instrument and does not require experience and gemological expertise to operate the machine. It is one stop solution for the menace of synthetic diamonds mixed in the natural diamonds packets or mounted in studded Jewellery. It is also offered at a very affordable price for the benefit of the Diamond industry all over the world, Mr. Zaveri stated.

It is a Luminescence based instrument with sample holder size 11cmX6cm for quick detection of synthetic diamonds (HPHT & CVD) in near colourless to tinted coloured (not fancy colours) diamonds; loose diamond in transparent plastic bags/sample plates and/or in studded Jewellery can easily be identified.

The machine can identify any size diamonds starting from -2 or (half cent) onwards. It is very simple and easy to operate. In a matter of 7-21 seconds nearly 1200 stones can be identified. It is highly recommended as a quick screening facility for traders dealing with large amount of stones and also for Jewellery Sectional View of Audience stores to have a quick look in seconds to find out any synthetics in it.  Diamond in studded Jewellery can be easily detected.