Suhali Jain, A New Gem of Jewellery Industry!

India may have produced many women entrepreneurs in jewellery sector but not the one like Suhali Jain. Delhi based Suhali was only 18 years old when she started her silver jewellery line in 2010 and at the age of 21, she launched her brand “Creador by Suhali Jain” in 2013. She was adjudged as ‘National Champion under Worldskill India’ contest in 2012. Convincingly, Suhali has become India’s youngest woman entrepreneur who is handling her business successfully. In a way, India has surly found a new gem in form of Suhali Jain! Let’s talk to her about her success story:

How and when did the idea of establishing your own jewellery business come to your mind?

Suhali: The idea of starting my own Jewellery line came from nowhere. It just happened; it goes like this…I was a commerce student and a passionate lover of creativity. I never wanted to study commerce after school so I started looking for other options and Jewellery was the last option on my list. I started studying Jewellery right after school from Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Delhi in 2010 and still wasn’t serious about it in first year. In 2012, I participated in Worldskill India and became the first female national champion in the category “Jewellery manufacturing” and went under intense training for 6 months in Indore to represent India at Worldskills International, 2013. After completing my training in Jewellery manufacturing, I realized that Jewellery is the only thing I know and this is only going to be my career. So I became a Jewellery designer and manufacturer.

Is your family in jewellery business?

Suhali: No. I am the first designer and Jeweller in my family.

What is your background or experience in jewellery sector before you started your own business?

Suhali: I had no background in jewellery. I started everything from scratch. I had no help and learned everything from the mistakes i did while understanding jewellery industry. I started my jewellery line in 2010 by introducing silver jewellery first and also started my study on jewellery in 2010. I started trading of jewellery to collect funds so I could run my own silver line.

Say about your Company…

Suhali: My label “Creador by Suhali Jain” is a personalised jewellery brand. I design, manufacture and customise jewellery for my clients and also patent my designs if the client permits to keep it confidential. It means each design is made only once. I was 18, when I started my silver jewellery line in 2010 and at the age of 21, I launched my brand “Creador by Suhali Jain” in 2013. I started manufacturing diamond jewellery, gemstone jewellery and traditional polki jewellery in white gold and yellow gold.

How did you overcome the initial difficulties before launching your own venture?

Suhali: By increasing my knowledge day by day and more of studies on Jewellery. I believe in learning anything and everything around us, this made me overcome a lot of difficulties.

Narrate some of your achievements…

Suhali: India’s first female Jewellery manufacturer and National Champion under Worldskill India, 2012.

How far are you ethical in your business?

Suhali: I am very strict when it comes to business. Work on time and honesty attracts me.

What is your definition of success? Has your jewellerybusiness been successfully established?

Suhali: For me success means “happy faces.” Yes, it is establishing the way I want it to – classy and fabulous.

How different is your jewellery from other designers?

Suhali: Each designer has its own style, I have my own and this Creador touch is what makes a difference. I love being loved by Jewellery lovers.

As a woman entrepreneur, what challenges do you face in male dominated jewellery sector?

Suhali: I don’t think there is anything that a woman cannot do. Everything is possible and if you are determined to make a change through your Jewellery, it will be seen. I see male dominant society as a challenge in Jewellery industry. They think too much but a lot is done by woman only and Half of the industry is run by woman jewellers.

Who is the motivational force behind you?

Suhali: Family.

Where do you want to see your company after 10 years?

Suhali: As the “Best personalized Jewellery brand in India.”

Please give some tips to the aspiring women entrepreneurs…

Suhali: Never give up, your honesty and determination is only going to take you above all. As said in a movie “Kaabil bano, kamyabi toh jhakk marke peeche ayegi”. (Translation: Be a professional champion, success will automatically follow you.)

Rapid Fire:

Who is the jewellery designer do you admire the most?

Pallavi Foley and Harry Winston.

Describe yourself in two-three words…

Honest, full of energy, Happy-go-lucky.

Your plus and minus points…

Plus point: Honesty .

Minus point: Dishonesty!

Your ambition…

To be known as a classy Jewellery designer.

One positive remark about Indian jewellery industry…

Breathtaking Jewellery is a positive remark.

Presented by Suresh Chotai