Stable Trade Figures for Antwerp Diamond Sector

Rough DiamondsAntwerp: The trade figures of the Antwerp diamond sector for the month of September remained stable. Both the import and export figures of rough diamonds hover around the same values. This was less so the case for polished diamonds, but more expensive goods were being traded compared to the first nine months of last year.

Following a traditionally slower month of August due to the summer vacation period, the Antwerp diamond sector’s trade figures increased back to their normal value. In the trade figures of rough diamonds we noticed an increase in volume for both imports and exports, with 19,15% and 9,26% respectively. This also translated to increases of 27,81% en 18,19% in value. With regards to September of last year, not only were there more rough diamonds traded on the Antwerp market, the stones were also more valuable. Also, when we compare the first three quarters of 2014 with those of 2013, we see an increase in volume and value both on the import and export side.

Looking at the import figures of polished diamonds in September 2014, we saw an increase of 7,62% in volume and 10,38% in value, as compared to the same month last year. These stones originated mostly from Hong Kong, India and the UAE. We noticed that during the first nine months of this year, less polished diamonds were imported than during the same period last year. In terms of carats, the decrease amounted to 4,56%.

On the export side of polished diamonds, we noted a similar trend. Compared to the same month last year, we saw a strong rise both in volume and value of 8,83% and 15,03% respectively. The polished stones were exported mostly to Hong Kong, the U.S. and UAE. From January until September this year, less polished diamonds were exported than last year. A decrease of 2,57% in volume but an increase in volume of 6,29% was noted. This demonstrates that less but more expensive diamonds were being traded.

The fact that the trade figures for September of this year were generally more positive than in September of last year can also be explained by the Jewish holidays taking place in October this year, as opposed to them taking place in September of last year, thereby decreasing trade activity.