SSEF Launches Pearlscan

Basel: The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF is introducing to the market a new system for scanning both single and multi-strand pearl necklaces. Called PearlScan®, it can count large quantities of pearls on strands, and measure their dimensions. Consisting of an A4 scanner, computer and proprietary software, the system offers the pearl industry a new and efficient way of documenting pearl necklaces.

Developed in collaboration with CSEM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) and supported by a prestigious CTI grant from Switzerland’s Commission for Technology and Innovation, PearlScan® provides its users with effective and easy solution for counting and measuring large quantities of pearls on strands in relatively short periods of time.

The PearlScan®software incorporates a complex algorithm that enables the detection of different strands, and a count of the pearls while measuring the diameter of each one and distinguishing them from other elements (such as knots, diamonds and other decorative items). It also calculates a roundness factor for every pearl, and measures the length of each strand. Semi-automated, the system welcomes user intervention to optimise and review output. In terms of documentation it produces images and a detailed reports of the number and diameter of each pearl on the different strands.

PearlScan® was developed to pursue SSEF’s mission of developing niche technology for the trade and supporting the pearl industry. “We have found that PearlScan® greatly supports analytical and documentation procedures in our own laboratory at SSEF. We are glad to be able to offer now this new and easy-to-use solution to the trade and pearl industry,” stated Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, director of SSEF.

PearlScan® is sold through SSEF’s subsidiary SATT Gems SA. The new system will be unveiled and presented during the BaselWorld jewellery show March 25-27, 2017.