Sixth Edition ADTF from Feb 1-3, 2015

antwerp_diamond_fair_logoAntwerp: The Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF), which enjoys industry wide international support, now stands at the top of the agenda and calendar of international diamond buyers from the jewellery industry and trade. “During the first five years of the Fair’s existence, we’ve become the number one by-invitation-only fair for diamond buyers around the world, in particular diamond buying jewellery manufacturers and designers, but also for diamond wholesalers,” said David Pienica, a member of the ADTF Organizing Committee.” In February, we expect to bring in hundreds of buyers, among them a significant group of first-time visitors.”

Ernest Blom, President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), said the show is an important, value-adding event for the WFDB’s member bourses, and encouraged other bourses to follow suit. “The ADTF is a fantastic event that enhances the role that the three Antwerp bourses taking part play in the downstream market and add value for their members. The ADTF is doing a great job in advancing diamond sales and is an important role model for the global diamond industry and trade,” Blom stated.

Shmuel Schnitzer, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), an Honorary WFDB President, said that shows like the ADTF have his full support. “Antwerp is very important for other bourses too. Many of our members exhibit at the Fair via their Antwerp-based companies, and the ADTF’s unique business model is recognized as a very effective and sophisticated instrument to reach the downstream market. Together, bourses, with their various business models, are contributing to the well-being of our entire industry and our joint activities are mutually beneficial to the entire diamond business community.”

Invitations to the ADTF can be obtained directly from the organizers, either through referral by one of the ADTF exhibitors, or through registering on the website of the Fair at