Seminar on LGDs and Jewellery Opportunity

Vadodara: 285 jewellery retailers attended a business development seminar at Jewell’s event, Prarambh. It saw an overwhelming attendance by reputed jewellers and premium members of Jewelxy. They engaged in a knowledge exchange on ‘Lab grown Diamonds (LGDs) and Jewellery opportunity for retailers’. International Institute of Gemology (IIG) served as the knowledge partner of the event.

The seminar started with a background introduction to the digital economy of India. It posed a huge opportunity for jewellery business and showed how effective digital marketing can help in boosting traffic to jewellery stores. Premium members of Jewelxy shared their experience and lessons on how to accelerate brand awareness in this industry. Various tools and multi-channel marketing basics were introduced to local retailers for doing this effectively. Benefits of digital technology, less known to local retailers, were explained and how AI enabled platforms can drive traffic to their stores. The seminar was a huge success through the support of Vadodara Jewellers Association.

International Institute of Gemology offers courses on Jewellery and Gems with an aim to impart knowledge with a practical edge.