Second Jewelry Summit Set in Tucson in 2017

Tuscon: The second Jewelry Industry Summit to advance sustainability and responsible sourcing initiatives will take place from January 29 to 30 in Tucson during the city’s annual gemstones fair, organizers said. The meeting aims to build on the conclusions of the first summit held in New York in March where a broad range of issues and proposals were made. The New York summit concluded with a list of projects that various attendees committed to continue to advance.

The projects included: aligning and coordinating various existing standards; researching consumer attitudes; educating sales associates; and communicating industry accomplishments to the wider public. There was also a commitment to tackle specific supply chain issues, such as helping gem cutters in developing countries who need education and equipment to avoid silicosis, a disease that occurs from inhaling stone dust.

“The 2017 Jewelry Industry Summit will once again be an interactive, working meeting, with large and small discussion groups assisted by professional facilitators – rather than a full agenda of speakers,” the organizers said. “This format contrasts with many conferences, in that its central driver is attendee participation. The summit says its purpose is “to maintain an industry-wide conversation that invites all stakeholders to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and possibilities related to responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry supply chain.”

It is expected that attendees will include both larger and smaller companies that have already made significant commitments to responsible sourcing and sustainability. But the summit also hope to welcome industry members who are new to the topic of sustainability and responsible sourcing, from miners, cutters, and manufacturers to wholesalers, designers, and retailers. It will also invite representatives from banks, accountants, insurers, consultancies, governments, associations, media, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to attend.